Smart Data Analytics

Smart Data is a service-oriented holistic application, focused on mill-wide opational challenges, that will help you to improve your gross margin.

With Smart Data Analytics, we offer Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS), by which our partners in the pulp and paper industry can benefit from digitalization. We provide our clients with a real-time operational service that visualizes technical and economical values at one platform. Furthermore, it offers a statistical and mathematical model development for pulp and paper processes in order to achieve best operational processes.

How will Smart Data help you business?

Mill Operators

  • time-saving for analytical decision making
  • tools to avoid downtimes and efficiency losses through predictive modelling


  • easy information interchange within mill and with other mills
  • ease of access, with laptop, pc, smart phone
  • easiest way for quick overview on mill operation
  • help for budgetary planning and resource allocation

Expected improvement on Gross Margin

  • data source for economical decision making
  • transparency and reliability
  • energy
  • wood
  • chemicals

How does Smart Data Analytics work ?

  • We provide a tailor-made data analytics platform as a service to achieve operational economical success
  • From data acquisition to data interpretation and visualization
  • Statistical and mathematical model development for P&P process

Services provided by SAPP

We understand customer requirements and expectations
With DAaaS, we are able to identifiy the mill process structure and assets, as well as operational challenges and problems

We implement the DAaaS framework and its applications
– Process modelling (DDR Simulation)
– Statistical and mathematical modeling (Data Science)
– ECOTECO ® (Business Intelligence Solutions)

We provide a tailor-made solution to the customer
– Process engineering
– Data analytics and process models
– Economical business models and scenario evaluation

In general, it can be said that our Smart Data Analytics Platform works as an Assistance System to ease decision making and enable highly efficient process improvements for the whole mill – from the woodyard to the paper machine, including power plant and auxiliaries.

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