Financial and Technological Modeling – ECOTECHO®

ecotecho financial model

In this proven process, our client defines the desired development, and we provide engineering solutions as well as financial perspectives. The outcome is a model that demonstrates the impact on specific product calculations on the P&L statement or other defined positions, which can be used in any industry that requires a technical and economical perspective.  

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Seminar – Kraft Recovery Boilers – Fundamentals, Practices and Trouble Shootings

We proudly announce that Honghi Tran, luminary in the field of pulp and paper engineering, will be holding a seminar from June 17 – June 18, 2019 in the SAPP headquarter in Klagenfurt. Participants will be able go gain insights in the developments of recovery boiler and the State of the art from one of the greatest experts in the field and discuss their own in-house challenges with Mr. Tran as well as the recovery boiler experts from SAPP.

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